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Sally's Toy和Sally Coco情趣用品店創辦人。於2012年開始拍片,分享性知識、情趣貼士。前陣子,還和老公Picco跑去參加ViuTV的真人騷《慳D啦Honey》,被封為天真中女。閒時最愛游水和吃英式Scone。

Vera Lui is the founder of Sally Coco, the first female friendly intimate lifestyle store in Hong Kong. Being born and raised in this "sex taboo city," she has witnessed the costs of lack of sex education. So in 2012, she took the matter into her own hands and started a sex education channel on YouTube alongside her sex toy enterprise

(Videos from Sally Coco Youtube channel)

Vera talks about:

00:03 #First female-friendly sex shop in HK

01:54 #Screening porn made by Erika Lust

03:39 #Interesting relationships with customers

05:12 #Central, Causeway Bay and Tsuen Wan

07:11 #The mainland is more sexual

08:37 #Too difficult to sell porn

09:40 #I want to see fat people make love

11:16 #HK ready for ethnic diversity?

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