Anne & partner talk about:

00:03 #Girl-girl porn

02:14 #Relaxing while watching porn

03:15 #My first porn experience

04:37 #Porn for your sex life

05:59 #Too tired to have sex

06:28 #No space to have sex

07:02 #I am not really queer

07:53 #Performing roles

嗨!我是Anne,是一名研究生。關於這個研究,多得互聯網,我在13歲時第一次發現色情片。和一般人的看法相反,年紀輕輕時已有觀賞色情影片習慣的我並沒有長歪 (只少我是這樣覺得啦)。在我而言,部分色情影片的內容確有可商榷之處,但這媒體本身在某程度上可視之為性解放的工具。我很榮幸能為這有關女性和色情影片的研究幫上忙。


Hi I’m Anne, a postgraduate student. In regard to this research, I first discovered adult videos when I was 13 years old thanks to the popularization of the Internet. Contrary to popular belief, having a habit of watching pornography at a young age did not affect me negatively (or, at least this is what I think). In my opinion, some content of pornography indeed has issues but the medium itself can be seen as a sexual liberation. I’m honored to help research that is about women's pornography and diversity.