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Dian Dian




Dian Dian lived in five different cities around China from South to North. When she was studying Chinese Classics and Philosophy in Beijing, Dian met her girlfriend there and began to work on gender and sexuality issues, first as a volunteer then as a part-time activist. After getting her Master's degree of History in Hong Kong, she worked for the Chinese Lala (LBTI) Alliance and served as the chief editor of Queer Lala Times from 2013-2016. Now she just moved to Atlanta, U.S. to pursue a Ph.D. in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. People are often trying to define their identity in terms of location, race, class, gender and sexuality. Dian Dian, however, prefers to wander and experiment with identifications, always exploring along the way. 

DianDian talks about:

00:03 #Censorship in China

00:38 #Is it easier to post videos or text?

02:35 #Mainlanders are more sexual

04:15 #Lala movement China

05:27 #Collecting lesbian first night experiences

06:09 #Support of HK activism

TGR Danish Girl Screening
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