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In 1721, a female cross-dressed as a male joined the army and had sex with sex workers. She wore a dildo to have sex not only with sex workers and widows; she even married a young girl. Finally, her young wife discovered that she was a man and reported her. She was sentenced to death because homosexuals were sentenced to death at that time. This was the first time that a female had been killed by this law.


The LGBTQ erotic history in HK actually has a long history. Regardless of the pressure of the British colonial government, there were some gay magazines in stores in HK in the 1960’s. There were also bars without female bartenders for gay people to have fun. If someone was interested in meeting a sex worker, he would ask them “Can I buy you a drink?” If that person was a sex worker, he would reply “Thanks. It does not matter who pays for the drink.” After a few chats, they would give a hint with their eyes and then go out to have sex. Usually they would charge US$15 each session. They would not ask Chinese men to have sex because they were very conservative at that time. Rather, they would ask Taiwanese and Japanese men to have sex with them. Sometimes they would serve females for a living. Some very unknown actors also would be part-time sex workers to serve rich females. They did not ask for money but mostly asked for high-brand suits or leather shoes.


In the 1960’s, some tour guides hired boys as male sex workers also. They would appear in  big hotels or bars to find customers. Until the 1980’s, some very high-class male prostitute entertainment existed in East Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon Tong. However, they moved to Mong Kok Portland Street in the 1990’s.

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