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Fan PoPo


獨立導演、作家、活動家。 1985年出生,畢業於北京電影學院。曾出版《春光乍洩:百部同志電影全記錄》。策劃過中國酷兒影像巡迴展,足跡遍布中國20幾個城市。紀錄片作品有:《新前門大街》、《櫃族》、《紙房子》、《舞娘》等。曾獲智行基金同性戀議題論文獎三等獎,新浪博客大賽二等獎。2011年,更獲得第22屆香港同志影展玲瓏大獎,是該獎項有史以來最年輕的得主。《彩虹伴我心》完成於2012年,全長80分鐘,曾參加過香港、洛杉磯、孟買、三藩市同志影展,巴黎中國獨立電影節,多倫多亞洲電影節,台灣國際民族誌影展;並入圍2012年鳳凰紀錄片大獎終評。(資料來自對范坡坡的採訪和台灣國際民族誌影展導演介紹)


I have often been asked why I got involved in queer filmmaking and LGBT activities. When I started doing these things seven years ago, my answer was very simple: I am gay, and I would like to contribute to my community. Later, my interests have come to include same-sex marriage, drag queen, BDSMer, sex workers and feminism. In this process, I discovered that it is very limiting for a filmmaker to make films simply based on one’s own identity; this can be repressive for others as well. I have begun to develop a different attitude towards my sexuality.


My “identity trouble’  is not merely limited to sexuality; it is also about me as a filmmaker, a curator, an activist, a writer (sometimes).­ It is cool to engage in a variety of tasks within multiple fields, but this can be exhausting as well; traveling around brings me as much excitement as homesickness. Despite this, the temptation to wander around is hard to resist. I would like to talk about why I cannot confine myself to one single identity, and the consequences of doing so.


Fan Popo is queer independent filmmaker, and curator. Born in 1985, he graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. He published “Happy Together: Complete Record of a Hundred Queer Films” (Beifang Wenyi Press, 2007). He directs the China Queer Film Festival Tour, which has travelled over 20 major cities in China since 2008.He has been committee member of Beijing Queer Film Festival since 2009, and board member of Beijing LGBT Center since 2010. In 2011, He received the Prism Prize of the 22nd Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, because of his hardworking on promotion equal rights with films. He is the youngest winner of this honor so far.His documentary works mostly feature on LGBT/Gender issue, include: New Beijing, New Marriage; Chinese Closet; Paper House; Be a Woman; Mama Rainbow. His films have been shown in film festivals in Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Jakarta, Tokyo, Los Angles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Helsinki etc.

Fan PoPo talks about:

00:03 #Making porn is my dream

02:11 #Impossible to find performers in China

04:41 #My first queer porn movie

07:14 #Sex-positive China

09:42 #Imperfect bodies can also be in the porn

13:59 #Foot fetish community

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