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JIZ LEE talks about 

00:03 #Birth of queer porn
00:56 #Diversity and queer porn
01:58 #Crashpad couples, thousands of applicants
04:18 #Porn stars and yeast infection, non-penetration
05:51 #Dangerous Curves outdoors
08:23 #Shaved pussy versus the bush
09:17 #Landing strip and the patch


Jiz Lee is one of the most well known queer porn stars who has a background in dance and performance art and who did their first shoot in Crash Pad in 2005. It was their lover who invited them to do a porn shoot and the scene started with the couple jumping onto the bed and wrestling with each other on the floor. In the interview they explain that doing queer porn is still a very intimate affair even though porn performers fundamentally cater to the gaze of outsiders. Their first porn shoot in 2005 still carries great emotional weight and also had a cult following amongst lesbians. Indeed, Jiz was right, when I observed the two couples on the set in 2015 (ten years later) one of them starting off by fighting and wrestling.


Jiz’s concept of diversity stems from their rich experiences with queer porn and managing the Crashpad Series. They explain that the website has generally been attracting more applicants and viewers, and that ethnic or sexual “otherness” have generally become part of the repertoire, which is different from that of mainstream porn. As a matter of fact, the site has attracted thousands of applicants, some of whom are existing couples, or individuals who may have a crush on each other, or those who want to come out and experience sex with a stranger. They know from their own experience that performers can have assumptions about what is expcted in a porn shoot, while the Crashpad Series wants to relax and open up those norms. On the Crashpad set one does not obey socyiety's preference or bodily appearance such as such as shaving one’s pussy, neither would the sex act need to include fundamental hard-core aesthetics such as getting an orgasm by means of penetration. Finally, they  talk about shooting an episode of Carlos Batt's Dangerous Curves with Syd Blakovich and April Flores in the Californian wilderness.


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