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In the past, people paid $0.1 for service by a male shoe shiner but $1 for service by a female shoe shiners. Of course, there was a good reason to pay more money. The location of the female shoe shiners was Mong Kok's Sai Yeung Choi Street, Portland Street and Shanghai Street. Also, some of them would be in Wan Chai Lockhart Road, Johnston Road, and Hennessy Road. People needed to go into the buildings to find them.


Usually, there were 10-20 young girls polishing the shoes for customers. Each of them would have a cloth to separate them. They would wear a very low cut dress and no bra. Those standing customers could see their boobs moving. Sometimes they would also wear a very short skirt so that the customers could see their underwear as well.


The customers could touch them if they paid one more dollar. After 5mins, the girls would ask the customers whether they wanted to have further services- like “measuring the shoe size”. If they wanted it, they needed to pay $5 for renting a place, $5 for the service. As for how to measure it, depended on what the customers “needed”. You could watch the movie 《怪俠一枝梅續集》to know more about the situation of female shoe shiners at that time.


Some of them would ask $10 but still lots of customers came and asked for their services. However, all the shoes became a mess eventually.  

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