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Lyn & Mateja






I am a specialist in the anthropology of technology and science, and Japanese culture. Born and raised in Croatia, I grew up and matured in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. I got my Ph.D. in Humanities in Hong Kong, and am continuing to explore new cultures and myself. I worked as a kayaking tour guide and a university lecturer – I keep myself diversified and open-minded. Of the known five senses, vision is probably least exalting for me. It’s funny, because I study visual machines and material/visual culture. I like to “see” the world in a synesthetic way, through all the senses.


Lyn正在牛津大學修讀哲學博士學位,主修東方學。之前她在香港浸會大學研究社會學。她的哲學碩士論文關於性別和性關係,研究情色資本 (erotic capital) 讓她更深刻地理解地當代中國城市中人與人之間的關係,同時她也探索了更多不同的研究領域。她對藝術很感興趣,尤其是公共藝術,包括塗鴉,街頭表演和以社交媒體為基礎的藝術項目。她最近與別人共同創辦了以影視人類學為基礎,名為“whatswoman”的女性主義攝影計劃。


Tang Ling (Lyn) is a currently a Ph.D. student in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, after obtaining an M.Phil. in Sociology at Hong Kong Baptist University. Her M.Phil thesis deals with gendered and sexualized guanxi, in which she brings the concept of erotic capital in understanding instrumental interpersonal relationship in urban China. While exploring more fields to research, she is also very interested in art, especially public art including graffiti, street performance and social media based art projects. She has recently co-founded a photography-based visual anthropology feminist art project called "whatswoman".

Lyn and Mateja talk about:

00:03 #Kiss instead of Talk

00:53 #Genderless love and feminism

03:07 #Interracial love

05:18 #LGBTQ tolerance in Hong Kong

06:54 #Then I realized half of Hong Kong is gay

08:24 #I tried queer porn but It did not work

11:52 #Virginity and the political orgasm


I don't get very excited about the visual, but there is one work, ukiyo-e, a woodblock print by famous Edo period (1603-1868) artist Katsushika Hokusai that I really like. This is part of my research into Japanese visual culture as well. Pornographic printed pictures were called "shunga" during the Edo period:

(Photos of Lyn participating in LGBTQ events:)

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