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Notty Nut Azure

Notty Nuts Azure is one of the few local burlesque performers in Hong Kong. She has been exploring and experimenting with different possibilities of using her body as a site for resistance. She has opposed the gender ideology in Hong Kong through her burlesque performance since 2012. During the Umbrella Movement in 2014, together with another local burlesque performer Glamourita Noir, they created a photo display project named "Protest·Female bodies·Future". They used their female bodies as a site to protest for democracy.


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Notty Nuts Azure是香港少數的本地burlesque表演者之一,自2012年開始,她透過burlesque表演去探索和實驗如何利用自己的身體作為抗衡香港的性別意識形態的場地。在2014年的雨傘運動期間,她與另一本地burlesque表演者Glamourita Noir創作了名為「抗爭•女身•未來」的攝影展覽,她們運用女性身體作為抗爭和爭取民主的場地。


Notty Nuts Azure talks about:


00:03 #Nudity activism on Facebook during umbrella movement

04:07 #Hong Kong slutwalk 2014

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