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B talks about:

00:03 #Watching like a male

01:33 #Hong Kong queers talking sex

02:46 #Give me a massage

04:45 #HK "queers" are "mainstream"

06:04 #Brown people in HK

06:54 #Queers should be all mixed together

07:50 #Masculine and overweight in HK

B 是一名喜歡豪放大笑的女酷兒。二十多年來在香港成長,也有幸能到外地旅遊和在北美居住幾年。在東南西北合璧的教育和見聞下鍛鍊出她今天師奶般的金睛火眼、豪邁的氣派與暢所欲言的性格。B喜歡與她一支拉拉軍隊(4個豬狗友)高談闊論藝術、慾望與社會正義等題目,做個半桶水的偽文青。


B is a cheap and cheerful, Chinese chick who was born and raised in HK. Her travels and a few years living in North America have greatly shaped her interests and her worldview. Like a lot of children of immigrants, her East-meets-West experience often results in a life between a series of oxymorons that describe the opposing values and concepts she has acquired throughout the years. And she LOVES all of it!!


She identifies as a queer girl with lots of passion for social justice, thirst for artistic energy, and curiosity about desires and cultures, and their influence on social dynamics. With her army of dyke friends (3 or 4 in total), and sometimes other species as well, she enjoys exploring her preferences, preconceptions and prejudices through these topics.

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