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Lady Monster in her bathtub, Photo by Charles Gatewood

Lady Monster talks about:

00:03 #Fire Tassel Twirler
01:36 #Pornography and intimacy
04:35 #Drifting eyeballs
05:07 #Feminist and queer pornography
05:47 #Crashpad series
06:52 #Courtney trouble

Lady Monster is a burlesque performer who explains her fondness of queer porn stars Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich, and works by Shine Louise Houston and  Courtney Trouble. Her idea of queerness and sexual pleasure are intertwined with burlesque performance and plus size activism.  Below you can find some more information about her involvement in Fat Bottom Revue/Big Burlesque and about her role model Satan's Angel.






















                                                                                                                               Satan's Angel, Queen of the Fire Twirlers





























                                                               Leonard Nimoy interviewed by The Style Network about his photographs of Fat-Bottom Revue/Big Burlesque.






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