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The Clothed Sex Videos of Little S

Little S talks about:

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07:50 #Sex is safer than feminism

The Clothed Sex Videos of Little S


In February 2016 it was reported that the Chinese Government has started to clamp down on online videos with same-sex content, wether these are fictional dramas or documentaries. [1]This new government incentive will likely destroy a wide range of educational videos that are currently being produced. For instance, in 2012 Chinese lesbian women started to upload vidoes around their sexual identities. They made their own "video testimonies" and went out into the streets to get answers to questions like  “Why are you straight?” “Why are you sure that you are straight when you have never had a same-sex lover? ” “Are you straight because you’re trying to be same as your friends?” “Could you change to being a homosexual?”   

The Lesbian Database is an NGO founded by a group of lesbians in June 2013 in Beijing. In around one year, they made 70 videos and had 2 screenings in Beijing and Anhui. On the biggest video website of China, there were over 540,000 viewers from 2013 to 2014. On Youtube, the number of viewers was around 45,000.[2] By making short videos about lesbianism, their aim was to portray the lesbian community in China, to publish autenthic stories about lesbians. They hoped that Chinese society would open up and therefore tolerate their existence.They also asked straight people to comment on these videos and give comments about the lesbian community.

Women in these videos are openly discussing their sexual identities and aspirations. Judy, a lesbian writer, states: “I couldn't get any information about lesbians or even homosexuals in China when I was young. I was feeling so bad about myself. I met my first lover in a cafe when writing my first book. From then on I understood myself to be a lesbian. I feel so wonderful both mentally and physically.” Tangtang broke up with her lover because of their parents’ disapproval: “The love between us is more delicate and deeper than heterosexual love. We’ve experienced a lot more than heterosexual lovers.”Lijing, a transgender woman, says in the video “I have confidence about the Chinese lesbian community, even though China is so much more conservative than foreign countries.”

Amongst those videos there is a program named “Queer Talk” where people discuss questions such as “Why do lesbians like to dress less sexually?” Responses from women with shirts and pants are confident: “Because this is me.” “I feel comfortable wearing something like this.” The most desperate topics are about families: “Mom, we are good.” “Mom, I beg you to stop pushing me to marry.”

And finally, the “How To……” educational videos are the most popular channels of their database. The community made a short film series showcasing love stories between two lesbians from the first encounter until they both realized their sexual orientation. The scripting of this series was tender and romantic.

Then there is another kind of “How To……” series that caught even more attention on, called “LES forever”(拉拉万万碎). The series is directed by Little S from Guangxi Province, director of the China Lesbian community and one of the hosts of the series. She quickly grew to fame because of her straightforward and humorous works about lesbians and sexuality[3]. In three days, her series got over 2,000,000 hits in 2012 and was reposted in many other websites and communities. In the 3rd episode of this educational video, Little S and another female host are sitting in front of the camera. They state their loyalty to their partners, talk about the high rate of oral sex and the enjoyment of having a slim sex toy inside their body.


The responses and attitudes of the audience are varied, such as “Watching your video makes me hard”, or “It’s bullshit”. Then, with their clothes on, the two girls introduce lesbian sex positions in front of the camera: sex with fingers, oral sex, sex with toys, and sex with legs. Later, with dynamic background music, the two hosts have moved to the beds. They are firstly playing with their fingers to mimic the way to have sex, illustrating the location of the clitoris, pubic hair, etc. Then they perform the process of having sex between women like a traditional education program. In the beginning of the education video, Little S emphasizes the use of a condom before having sex. [4]

The other episodes cover other details about sex between lesbians, including “How to use toys”, “what is S&M”, etc. Unfortunately most of their videos were deleted becasue of censorship. The two main online channels of the Chinese lesbian community in, gradually died out after their outstanding achievements in 2013.

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[4] Look at  remaining lesbian and Little S videos at



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