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冼朗兒於2008年從皇家墨爾本理工大學從得文學士學位(美術),並於2013年於香港浸會大學取得MVA(Studio Arts)。她喜於從生活中取得靈感,尤其是個人如何為了融入集體常規所做得各種行為,當中隱含的荒謬與怪誕 。於2009年,她與兩位藝術家成立了Rental United作為一個協同創作的群體,創造了多個行為藝術。


Stephanie Sin received her BA (Fine Art) from RMIT University in 2008 and her MFA (Studio Arts) from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. As a painter, Stephanie takes images from the Internet and from living environments to create collective routines that insinuate the paradox of life. In 2009, Stephanie founded Rental United with two artists, which served as a cluster for collaborative experimentations, while focusing on happenings and performances.

Stephanie talks about:

00:03 #HK art girls

01:57 #Rental United wedding photography

05:38 #Rental United artwalk

07:16 #Performing the ape-body

09:10 #"Angry Lesbians"

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