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After WWII, there was the first kissing scene in the HK movie <願朗重吻妾香唇>. It was already considered very deviant at that moment in HK. However, if we talk about the first erotic movie in HK, it should be the movie- <肉山藏妲己> in 1948. There was not really a sex scene in the movie but the heroine, 秦小梨,  always wore a see-through dress. It is the first time that the heroine showed her nipples in front of the camera. Although many conservatives rallied against her at that time, she was called < The first boobs in HK>.


After the war, HK movies were starting to have a more prosperous time. Because in 1940‘s -1950’s, Cantonese films could not be sold in Asia, many investors came into the film industry and tried to earn money. They made movies within 5-7 days, with low budgets, and released them as soon as possible. Those movies were not only cult movies, but they also announced the beginning of the erotic movie in HK.


Although a filmmaker tried to organize  “movies purifying activities” (電影清潔運動), the erotic movies still became more and more popular in 1960’s in HK, which was affected by the hippie culture at that time. Also, in the 1960’s, because of the economically depressed environment, people were very angry at the government and the society. For this reason, the government used a laissez-faire policy within sex and media.


In 1969, Lee-Hong(李紅)established a company(摩登影片公司)after she came back to HK. She made a series of erotic movies, in which the actors and actresses all got naked and had sex in front of the camera. However, all those scenes were all cut away by the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration.


But Lee-Hong did influence and inspired a lot of people in HK. Many erotic films were made during the 1970’s until the summer of 1977. At the same time, a group of students organized a “大眾文化行動組” to criticize sexual violence in the media. And it directly initiated Anti-pornography activities and initiated of discussions at that moment. The government wanted to stop these arguments and set up censorship rules for films, newspaper, and articles.

秦小梨 - <願朗重吻妾香唇>
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